World leading wearable sports motion sensors. Our inertial sensors are designed to precisely quantify athlete movement and workload metrics in the field.


IMeasureU builds military-grade motion data capture solutions, using the latest Wearable Sports Motion Capture Technology. We give scientists, coaches, teams and athletes external and internal body load insights that use sports engineering to go beyond GPS and heart rate.

The IMU sensor relays easily accessible insights that boost athlete recovery using movement analysis systems. Data streamed from the device provides vital feedback on the ‘Step Intensity’, ‘Bone Load’ and Asymmetry of lower libs to assess workload metrics. These inertial sensors for sports science  can be used to perform quick in-clinic assessments that inform injury prevention strategies moving forward.

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Dr. David Martin, Philadelphia 76ers

I use IMU Step to precisely track & manage the load of every step players take – from the time they are injured to their return to play.

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November 28, 2017 in Events, News

4th International Congress on Soldier’s Physical Performance

IMeasureU is excited to be exhibiting at ICSPP, the 4th International Congress on Soldier’s Physical…
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The Straits Times

Sports science keeping pace with NBA’s increased pace

February 26, 2018 in IMU Research

The importance of measuring lower limb cumulative load in sport: a mechanobiological approach

Dr. Thor Besier, Chief Scientist, I Measure U Ltd.
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November 11, 2017 in IMU Research

Men and women adopt similar walking mechanics and muscle activation patterns during load carriage

Journal of Biomechanics
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