IMU-Step Plans and Pricing

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1 Year
3 Years


Yearly Rolling step storage. Support including e-mail, phone & online.

$6000 USD

$5000 USD


2 sensors / Unlimited users

10 sensors / Unlimited users



Yearly Rolling step storage. Extra support with free workshops access.

$12000 USD

$10000 USD


6 sensors / Unlimited users

30 sensors / Unlimited users



Yearly Rolling step storage. Super support with on site implementation.

$24000 USD

$20000 USD


12 sensors / Unlimited users

60 sensors / Unlimited users


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my purchase of IMU Step?

A purchase of IMU Step includes a physical delivery of the IMU sensors, straps, and charging cradles. You will receive access to IMU Step’s iOS app, desktop software, and cloud dashboard to view Step metrics. Your purchase also includes setup, training, and support. Depending on the package selected, this can occur either remotely or on-site.

What is the difference between IMU Step and Capture.U?

IMU Step is a ready to use system that includes inertial sensors, analysis software and metrics, and setup and support. Capture.U is free software that comes with the purchase of individual sensors meant for extracting raw data without any additional metrics. IMU Step can be purchased on this page, to purchase individual sensors click here.

How many sensors do I need?

We do not limit how many subjects you are able to use with one pair of sensors. Typically teams will purchase enough sensors so that each athlete has a pair, or sports medicine departments will purchase enough pairs so that each team has a few sensors they can use.

Do you offer a trial option before purchase?

Though the best value for money is in our 3-year contracts, we do offer 1-year contracts for testing the system in your environment with less commitment. 1-year trials include setup and analysis support so you are supported at every step and can fully experience the benefits of the IMU Step system over a shorter term.

Compare plan features

1 Year
3 Years
Bronze Silver Gold
Base Software + Sensor subscription $6000/yr$5000/yr $12000/yr$10000/yr $24000/yr$20000/yr
Number of sensors The number of sensors included with each subscription 2 Sensors10 Sensors 6 Sensors30 Sensors 12 Sensors60 Sensors
Extra sensor rental The cost to add extra sensors on top of the base number $250 $250 $250
Step Storage The amount of steps stored per database Yearly Rolling Yearly Rolling Yearly Rolling
Users: System Logins The number of individual logins you can create Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Subjects The number of athletes or subjects you can track Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Add additional databases The number of athletes or subjects you can track 1 3
Mobile IOS app to manage sensor The iOS Step app is included with all subscriptions
Desktop (Windows/Mac) app The Desktop application for data download is included with all subscriptions
Web App Metrics The cloud dashboard to view processed data is included with all subscriptions
Metrics Export The ability to export summary data is included with all subscription types
Raw Inertial Step Data Export The ability to export raw sensor data
Real Time Data The ability to view data as it comes in live
IMU Insights Consulting: 1hr /yr2hr /yr 1hr /yr6hr /yr 1hr /yr12hr /yr
Live Recordings: Stream live data while recording an IMU Step session
Bronze Support Email, phone, web support
Silver Support Bronze support + custom reports, quarterly & annual review, & free conference workshop access
Gold Support Silver Support + On-Site implementation, advanced sports sience support, & beta software and support access