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    IT Requirements

    IMU Step syncs files from your computer to the internet and requires access to specific sites to do so. In order to ensure it will work properly please verify the following urls are not blocked in any way. We have crafted an email for you to send to your IT department with instructions below.

    To: Enter recipient email

    cc: [email protected]

    Subject: IMeasureU firewall setup


    Dear IT Manager,

    We are installing a new software called IMU Step. In order for it to function properly, can you please ensure that the below urls are whitelisted and not blocked on our network:

    We will be downloading software from If there is anything additional we need to do to clear that software please let us know.

    Their customer success team is copied in if you have any questions.

    Please confirm that you've notified the proper party to whitelist the URLs (You've either sent the email or done it yourself).*
    URLs to whitelist


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