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IMeasureU Support Policy and Procedures

IMeasureU Support Policy and Procedures

Support is a large part of the IMeasureU offering and it’s something we’re very proud of. Not only do new customers receive a warranty on their hardware for the life of their contract, but all of our customers benefit from unlimited phone, email, and web technical support for the life of their system. IMeasureU provides a full-service onboarding program to ensure you and your staff are comfortable with the system and the benefits it provides starting day 1.

This document provides further detail in two areas:

  • Problem resolution and procedures
  • Support plan definitions and offerings


Problem Resolution

IMeasureU prides itself on the ease of use and dependability of its software. In the event of an issue, IMeasureU’s customer success team will work with you to resolve the issue and/ or provide user education as quickly as possible. In addition to unlimited technical support, IMeasureU also offers sports science and in-depth data support to customers who purchase Silver or Gold plans.

Case Management and Help Ticket Lifecycle

When customers initiate a support case with IMeasureU, the following process takes place:

  1. The customer sends an email to [email protected].
  2. IMeasureU’s case tracking system automatically sends a response acknowledging receipt of the email. This immediate message includes a variety of helpful links to online troubleshooting.
  3. The case information is received in the IMeasureU technical support queue.
  4. IMeasureU reviews the case, determines if more information is needed, and contacts the customer if necessary.
  5. If changes to the customer database are required IMeasureU will require written consent by the customer to enact these changes.
  6. IMeasureU follows up with the customer via email or phone, depending on the situation, and works toward resolving the issue.


Support Plans

IMeasureU’s global support plans offer three tiers of coverage so that you can get the level of support that makes sense for you. Free software upgrades, unlimited technical support and web conferencing, and remote training are just some of the great benefits you can expect from IMeasureU during the life of your contract.


  • Unlimited email, phone, and remote web support for the life of the contract
  • Remote training and onboarding
  • Access to IMeasureU’s online knowledge base at
  • Free iOS, cloud, and console software updates for the life of the contract
  • Hardware warranty for the life of the contract


  • All Bronze support entitlements plus:
  • Free IMeasureU conference access
  • Sports science and data support


  • All Silver support entitlements plus:
  • Raw inertial data access and support
  • Beta software and hardware access