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A multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, developers and athletes.


IMeasureU is an innovative and multi-disciplined group of individuals who have come together as a team with a simple, focused mission: to help researchers, athletes and teams win with objective, actionable, biomechanics data from the field.

What we do and why we hustle comes from within. With our shared principles in place, we invent without fear in an atmosphere that facilitates exceptional products and services for the best researchers, athletes and teams on earth.

Knowledge. Science. Talent. Passion.
Call it what you want. We call it IMeasureU.

Mark Finch


Mark Finch is an inventor, with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Auckland. Mark has spent the last 6 years developing core technology of IMeasureU, based at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. He attended an entrepreneurial program at Stanford University in 2010, where he gained a thirst for creating a start-up company. Mark also spent 4 months working at MIT in Boston, working with leading experts in the field and honing his skills on sensor development.

Andrew Bollen

Applications Engineer

Andrew graduated from the University of Auckland in 2015, with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He has both experience, and a keen interest in product design and development; using both hardware and software to realize practical solutions to challenging problems. The latest Andrew to join the team, he comes with an enthusiasm to learn and extend his technical expertise through hands-on practical experience.

Roanne Pamplin

Office Manager

Roanne’s superpower is finding order in a sea of chaos and has successfully navigated careers covering manufacturing, not-for-profits and children’s wellbeing. As a passionate badminton player, Roanne is keen to explore how technology can support athletes and patients in their recovery from injuries.



Sibylle Van Hove

Lead Algorithm Engineer

Sibylle joined the algorithms team at IMeasureU in late 2022 after working as a research engineer in the animation industry. Leveraging her background in biomedical engineering (BEHons First Class, PhD) and previous software development experience, she leads the algorithm development process to find innovative yet simple and practical solutions to our users’ needs. Sibylle’s keen interest in maths and the outdoors provides her with a unique foundation and an enthusiasm for creating exciting new algorithms that derive meaningful metrics from inertial data for use in sport and clinical settings.

Kate Meejareon

Junior iOS Developer

As a graduate student from AUT in Computer and Information sciences who has a fascination with mobile development, Kate wants to use her ideas and innovative solutions. She used to work as a mobile developer in Thailand, where she gained expertise on logic programming and software engineering skills.

Dr Thor Besier

Chief Scientist

Thor has a PhD in biomechanics and brings 20 years of research experience and international credibility to IMeasureU. Thor founded Stanford University’s Human Performance Lab and was an Assistant Professor in Orthopaedics at Stanford, CA, before he returned home to NZ in 2011. Thor’s research combines medical imaging with computational modelling to understand mechanisms of musculoskeletal injury and disease. He has published more than 75 scientific articles.

Rakesh Vallabh

NZ Development Manager

Rakesh specialises in app development, with a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences from the Auckland University of Technology, completed with First Class Honours. He has delivered iOS and Android apps to customers all over the world including some of the world’s biggest banks. Previously, Rakesh was involved in a highly successful Innovations Lab, exploring new technologies for the number one mobile banking provider in the world. As a lover of all things sport, he is the current holder for the fastest 3-legged half marathon time in the office.

Mariia Kondrateva

UI/UX designer

Mariia is a UI/UX designer and a front-end developer with a background in financial analytics, insurance underwriting, data visualization, and risk analysis. Mariia graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University in 2008 with a Specialist in Finance (Hons). In 2012, she decided to switch to web design and gained a Diploma in Web Development from the Natcoll Design School in Auckland and was working as a UI/UX designer since then.

Ray Liu

Mobile Developer

Ray has been writing code for more than two decades. He worked previously on a top-rated banking solution application with fellow IMeasureU employee, Rakesh Vallabh. His last role was involved with iOS and Android apps maintenance, enhancement and delivery.

Niloofar Shahidi

Algorithms Engineer and Biomechanist

Niloofar, a PhD graduate in bioengineering from the University of Auckland (2022), joined our team as an Algorithm Engineer. Her expertise in signal processing and software development drives the design and optimization of algorithms for complex data analysis. Collaborating cross-functionally, she integrates algorithms into our systems, fostering continuous learning and innovation to keep our solutions at the industry forefront. Outside of work, Niloofar is a regular gym attendee and has a deep passion for nature and hiking.