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Master the IMU Step science

Watch our IMU Knowledge Videos

These short videos explain why measuring lower limb load is important for reducing injury risk in running based sports.

Dr Thor Besier - Motion Capture Science

Introduction to External and Internal workload

Dr Thor Besier introduces the concept of external & internal workload for athletes. He establishes why both are important to minimise injury risk and maximise peformance.

Bone Load Homeostasis

Why the magnitude and frequency of workload matters when trying to understand internal (bone) load.

Cumulative Load

Why load history, or cumulative load, is important to adaptation/recovery and injury prevention.

Acute to Chonic (Internal) Load Management

Monitoring and optimising cumulative internal load by limb by session over time e.g. left and right leg load over days, weeks & months.

Return to Play Optimization

How Coaches can Use Internal Limb Load to better manage an athlete’s Return to Play.