Small. Synchronized. Seamless.


IMU Research enables precise, multi-limb, field-based biomechanics data capture via, small, synchronized, high-frequency inertial sensors supported with beautiful mobile and desktops apps.

Now backed by Vicon, the academy award winning gold standard in motion capture, IMU Research introduces the ability to capture inertial and optical motion data simultaneously in a single application.


Use IMU sensors to capture precise, high frequency, raw inertial data on multiple body parts.


Sync inertial sensors with the IMU mobile app. Seamlessly export CSV file to any analytics platform such as Excel, MATLAB, or Python for further analysis.


Collect inertial and optical motion data simultaneously in a single application, using IMU and Vicon Nexus 2.7 data synchronization.


Compare data from both lab and external settings, out of the box, without the need for additional reporting, tracking and compilation apps.

Used by leading biomechanics researchers

from elite universities and institutes of sport, worldwide

“Wearable devices, like the IMU sensors, allow the collection of more ecological valid data as we can collect high frequency biomechanics data in the wild i.e. the athlete or patient’s natural environment”

Professor Irene Davis – Harvard Medical School & Director of Spaulding National Running Clinic, USA


Real-Time capture of raw inertial data for any motion

Sync up to 4 sensors at a time. Live stream via Bluetooth using 9-axis IMU data at 100 Hz, or 3-axis acceleration data at 500 Hz.

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Analytics to identify and characterize movements

Sync up to 8 sensors at a time. Log inertial data on board using 9-axis IMU data at 500 Hz, or 3-axis acceleration data at 1 kHz.

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Measure. Motion. Anywhere.

“IMU Step brings about a new understanding of injury biomechanics as we move outside of the lab and obtain accurate measurements in the real world.”

Dr. Thor Besier, co-founder and chief scientist at IMeasureU


Used in over 15 international
research papers and counting

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IMU Research
February 26, 2018

The importance of measuring lower limb cumulative load in sport: a mechanobiological approach

Dr. Thor Besier, Chief Scientist, I Measure U Ltd.
IMU Research
November 11, 2017

Men and women adopt similar walking mechanics and muscle activation patterns during load carriage

Journal of Biomechanics