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Blue Trident combines cutting edge hardware, software and cloud computing with gold standard motion capture science enabling a true next-generation wearable, giving coaches, practitioners, and athletes the ability to precisely quantify movement in the field like never before

Measure Detect impacts
up to +/-200g
with the highest
G range sensor
on the market
200g range
Anything Detect impacts up to +/-200g
with the highest G range
sensor on the market

Measure A sampling frequency of up to 1600 times per second ensures you capture the details you need, even in high intensity activities Record up to 1600Hz Anything

Measure Don't let water stand in the way of your data. Data can now be collected underwater or during monsoon season Waterproof Design Anywhere

Measure All day battery life so you
can focus on your collections,
not the remaining charge
12-hour battery life Anywhere

Measure Bluetooth 5.0 enables
real-time feedback
for instant insights
Real-time data What Matters

Measure Seamlessly Integrates with IMU Step, Vicon Nexus, and Capture.U so you can get the metrics you need, automatically What Matters Out of the box integration

Our Blue Trident sensors are included with our Capture.U and IMU Step software packages.

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