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IMU Step will track bone load to help save athletes from injury

By November 14, 2017 February 7th, 2019 News

By Conor Allison, November 14, 2017 . Source: Wearable

Managing rehabilitation is also set to become more efficient.

A new form of motion-sensing wearable tech is aiming to track the movements of athletes and help them manage injury.

IMeasure U’s IMU Step, which is currently being tested throughout the NBA, Pac-12 schools and Harvard University, consists of two small sensors placed above the ankle that capture the movements and stress put on athletes’ bodies.

The system measures how hard each limb hits the ground in order to calculate asymmetries and workout intensity before offering a “bone load” score for each athlete’s training session.

This allows trainers and coaches the chance to review the data and keep track of a player’s condition, whether it’s simply related to managing a heavy workload or planning a route back from injury.

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