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Footnotes from the Field

By March 20, 2020 September 25th, 2020 Articles of the Week

Here’s what the sports science team at IMeasureU is reading this week:

  1. Lower Extremity Stiffness in Collegiate Distance Runners Pre- And Post-Competition

This first study of this weeks articles of the week comes from Jake Tavernite and Matthew Moran at Sacred Heart University, USA. The purpose of this investigation was to determine how leg stiffness of runners was influenced in the 24 and 48 hour period following a cross country race. Results suggest that following a cross-country race, leg stiffness significantly declined in a group of collegiate runners in the immediate 24 hours post-race, but returned to baseline 48 hours post-race. Sport scientists and running coaches may be able to monitor leg stiffness as a metric to properly prescribe training regiments.

  1. Associations Between Two Athlete Monitoring Systems Used to Quantify External Training Loads in Basketball Players

The second article in this weeks list comes from Aaron Heishman and colleagues at the University of Oklahoma in the Sports open access journal. The purpose of this study was to assess the association of external training load between an IMU and indoor positioning system used to monitor external training load in team sport. Results suggest that significant relationships and predictive capacities exists between systems. Each system also appears to capture unique information that may still be useful to performance practitioners regarding the understanding of external training load.

  1. Joint Coordination When Running in Minimalist, Neutral, and Ultra-Cushioning Shoes

The final article comes from Brianne Borgia and colleagues at the University of Navada. The purpose of this study was to evaluate lower extremity coordination and coordination variability when running in minimalist, traditional and ultra-cushioning shoes. Results suggest that there are differences in cordination and these differences in coordination may have implications for tissue loading and injury development when running in ultra-cushioning.

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