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Footnotes from the Field

By July 10, 2020 September 24th, 2020 Articles of the Week

Here’s what the sports science team at IMeasureU is reading this week:

  1. Measuring biomechanical loads in team sports – from lab to field

The first article this week comes from Jasper Verheul in the December 2019 edition of the Science and Medicine in Football journal. It is this article that Jaime Valadao and Dan Savin from the IMeasureU team reviewed in the video above. This paper discusses the distinct aspects and challenges that are associated with measuring biomechanical loads at these different levels in laboratory and/or field contexts. The authors conclude that it is their hope that through this paper, sport scientists and practitioners alike will revisit their views on the value and limitations of biomechanical load metrics at different levels.

  1. Measurement of Lower-Limb Asymmetry in Professional Rugby League: A Technical Note Describing the Use of Inertial Measurement Units

The second article in this week’s list comes from Daniel Glassbrook and colleagues in the PeerJ open access journal. This technical note proposes a new technique to quantify external mechanical load, and lower-limb asymmetry during on-field team sport play using inertial measurement units. The authors concluded that a wearable located on the footwear to measure lower-limb load and asymmetry is feasible to use during rugby league match-play. The location of the sensor on the boot is suited to minimize injury risk occurring from impact to the sensor.

  1. A development framework for decision support systems in high-performance sport

The final article comes from Xavi Schelling and Sam Robertson in the International Journal of Computer Science in Sport. The framework proposed by the authors offers a systematic approach for users to ensure that each of the six components are considered and optimised before, during, and after developing the system. A DSS development framework for high-performance sport should help to improve both short and long term decision-making in a variety of sporting contexts.

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