IMU Step

Remove the guesswork from an injured athlete's Return-to-Play journey

IMU Step helps reduce the risk of injury & reinjury for running based sports


IMU Step is a lower limb load monitoring tool that delivers external & internal workload metrics to running sports athletes. It enables precise, actionable insights captured via small, synchronized, high-frequency sensors supported with beautiful mobile and desktop apps.

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Identify and quantify the impact of every step. Precisely measure load and intensity on each limb, indoors and out.


Sync sensors seamlessly with your mobile app to accurately measure left and right limb load. Identify changes in asymmetry and reduce risk of injury.


Actionable, accessible insights via cloud based dashboards. Empower your medical, rehab and performance teams to make better decisions from anywhere.


Healthy teams win championships. Reduce risk of injury and reinjury by monitoring and measuring load at the source.

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For running-based sports like Basketball, Soccer and American Football, over 40% of non-contact injuries are sustained on the lower limb. IMU Step monitors lower limb load for a smarter Return-to-Play.

Thigh Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Knee Injuries

Top injuries in the NBA 2014-2015 Regular Season – GE Healthcare
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Measure lower limb load asymmetry

Precisely monitor and view loading asymmetries between the left and right legs within individual drills and across multiple sessions.

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Calculate cumulative
bone stimulus

Measure the impact of every step in each session and evaluate corresponding tibial bone stimulus.

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Quantify the intensity of every step

Identify and characterize the intensity of every step. Monitor high, medium and low impact loads to precisely define the musculoskeletal load of every workout.

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Measure. Motion. Anywhere.

“IMU Step brings about a new understanding of injury biomechanics as we move outside of the lab and obtain accurate measurements in the real world.”

Dr. Thor Besier, co-founder and chief scientist at IMeasureU

With you every step of the way.


Our Customer Success team has years of experience in the field. After they make sure you’re running smoothly, they’ll help you become an expert at finding insights from the data you collect.

James Grant

Customer Success Manager

James earned his Bachelors in Integrative Physiology from CU Boulder and his Masters in Athletic Training from the University of Arkansas. He has since spent time deeply embedded in the world of athlete tracking, specializing in making the technology as accessible as possible for his clients. He has experience working with a wide variety of sports and athletes, ranging anywhere from high school students to Olympic gold medalists, and enjoys using that experience to connect with each customers unique needs.

Blake Whitcomb

Sport Scientist & Business Development Manager

Blake Whitcomb is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist, with well over half a decade of athlete development experience. He has worked with athletes of all levels from youth to Division 1, including military and First Responders. Blake earned his Masters of Science in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton. He joined IMeasureU in 2018 and is exited to join his passions for movement, biomechanics, injury prevention and athlete performance.

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