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Footnotes from the Field

By September 23, 2020 February 17th, 2021 Articles of the Week

Here’s what the sports science team at IMeasureU is reading this week:

  1. Biomechanics, technology, and the future with Jacqueline Alderson

The first item this week is slightly different as it comes in the form of an interview with Jacqueline Alderson. Jaime and Dan from the IMeasureU team discussed a number of points with the world renowned researcher and Professor including ACL injury prevention, collecting biomechanical data, predicting ground reaction forces with 2D video and Facebook’s musculoskeletal group.

  1. Knee Kinetics in Baseball Hitting and Return to Play After ACL Reconstruction

The second article in this week’s list comes from Kevin Giordano and colleagues in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. The purpose of this study was to describe the knee kinetics of baseball hitting, develop a tool to predict knee kinetics from easily obtainable measures, and to compare knee kinetics to other exercises along the rehabilitation continuum to determine a timeline for when hitting may resume after ACL reconstruction. The authors concluded that based on the kinetics of baseball hitting compared to those of rehabilitation exercises, if the involved knee is the front, we suggest tee hitting may be initiated at 13 weeks after ACL reconstruction. If the involved knee is the back, we suggest tee hitting may initiated at 17 weeks after ACL reconstruction.

  1. TEAM to Defeat COVID-19: A Management Strategy Plan to Address Return to Play in Sports Medicine

The final article comes from Diana Santos-Ferreira and colleagues in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine. This commentary outlines a number of key areas in the plan to address return to play during the global Covid-19 pandemic. The authors discuss the immune system response in athletes, how to prevent infection, how to manage an athlete with Covid-19, when and how to return to play, and mental health issues which may develop these times.

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